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      Nanjing State Chemical Co., Ltd.

      Tel:  +86-025-86807185

      Fax: +86-025-86806906

      For more information, please contact: sales@state-chemical.com

      Zip: 210017

      Address: Office 1324, 133 Fuyuan Street, Jianye District, Nanjing 210017,China

      Core ideology
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      Nanjing State Chemical Co. Ltd   is devoted to provide professional services on material purchase, quality control, warehousing logistics and so on. State Chem takes "customer first, service first" as our business philosophy, and takes the win-win business as the purpose of operation. We provide better service by improving our workflows, including information flow and capital flow. State Chem strives to become a company with staff recognition, customer acceptance and social responsibility.

      We are committed to:

      Create a good working environment and build an effective team

      Develop first class product analysis and sourcing capabilities

      Excellent marketing and international trade services

      Improve organizational learning ability

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